Xewkija Church - Gozo

Transient Ltd. has again been entrusted to install a proper Public address system in this distinctive church, the congregation did encountered difficulty in being able to obtain a good intelligibility throughout the listening plane of the church. After a long period of try out’s with various public address systems they have finally decided to install a system using 2 Messenger XL’s from Hacousto.

The awesome Rotunda, naturally dedicated to St. John the Baptist, is Xewkija's distinctive landmark and parish church. Tourists and visitors flock year round to visit the church and its attractions. It offers an unforgettable panoramic view of Gozo from its enormous dome. The monumental church is an enormous circular structure in white local limestone. It is called a Rotunda because of its form. Eight concrete columns covered with stone support its elegant dome, 75 meters high, with a 28-metre diameter, and a circumference of 85 meters. This boasts the third largest unsupported dome in the world. Its weight is calculated to around 45,000 tones. The interior is richly decorated with fine sculptures and modern paintings. The floor is in polished Carrara marble and the main altar is also carved in precious marble. The Rotunda of Xewkija is a superb architectural masterpiece that reveals the exquisite texture and the versatility of local limestone. The church was built in replacement of an older church, parts of which were faithfully reconstructed using the original church stones. The valuable stonework of the old church could be still enjoyed by visitors on the rear side of the Rotunda. The Xewkija church, which is the largest in Gozo is the Seat of the Knights of the Order of St. John and was built from Maltese stone by local masons and craftsmen

Equipment Used:

  • 2  Messenger XL speakers
  • 1  Accent matrix controller
  • 2  MCS/40 Penton  speakers
  • 2  JD/20 Penton speakers

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