St. John's Co-Cathedral - Valletta

Transient Ltd. has been chosen in order to equip the Cathedral with a sound system. The decision to install the Messenger XL loudspeaker array from Ateїs has two-fold. The Cathedral needed a system that would not only discreetly address their need for high intelligibility and clarity of speech and the ability to obtain the necessary band width for live music, a feature of their well –attended services and performances; But one that would also qualify as an approved Voice evacuation system to protect their congregation and international visitors.

As with many national monuments and Cathedrals of its kind, reliability, budget and aesthetics played an important role in the choice of their public address system.

The Messenger’s internal pre-processing system reduced the need for multiprocessing boxes as part of the main Public Address System turning the overall system into an affordable design. The Problem of integrating loudspeaker arrays of 10ft each into this environment was solved by an artist who hand painted each unit so that they become one with the décor, perfectly hidden to watch over and provide a highly intelligible system.

Equipment used:

  • 2  Messenger XL  speakers (Main axe of the church)
  • 12 (Fills) Wireless custom-made speakers                      
  • 1  Accent matrix controller
  • 4  HK VT-108 speakers  
  • 1  HK VX 2400 amplifier      

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