St. Theresa Church - Birkirkara

St. Theresa sanctuary in B’kara is another distinctive church on the Maltese islands, featuring a unique type of dome. This high volume church has been for a long time trying to install a proper Public address system that is able to provide good intelligibility throughout the listening plane. This Church is unique since it has 2 levels where the congregations sit; the lower level has area of 34meters of width with 28 meter of length.

The upper level consists of a balcony along the perimeter of the church, at 5mtrs level from the floor.

Equipment Used:

  • 2  Messenger XL speakers
  • 1  Ateis UAP digital control 
  • 2  Penton speakers JD/20
  • 3  JTS microphone GM-5218
  • 1  JTS dual cordless microphone US-901D

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