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UHF PLL In Ear Monitoring System
SIEM-111T System

  • The SIEM-111 provides a full frequency response and excellent stereo separation.
  • Advanced circuit design assures outstanding signal-to-noise to minimize ear fatigue.
  • The excellent separation plus balance control offer great convenience to musicians to hear what they want.
  • The SIEM-111 is based on JTS reliable UHF PLL technology.
  • There are 961 selectable channels available. As many as 16 sets of SIEM-111 transmitters can work on the same stage.
  • The system offers 4 groups of each 16 compatible preset channels. This allows monitor engineer to set up systems easily.
  • MPX stereo Audio Transmission
  • The very affordable price plus the strong performance make the SIEM-111 one of the best seller on the market.


                     - S/N Ratio: 80 dB (A Weighted)
                     - Image Rejection: 80 dB
                     - Channel Separation: 35dB
                     -  Frequency Response: 60 Hz~15 kHz (-3dB)
                     -  T.H.D.: 1% Typical
                     -  S/N Ratio: 80 dB (A Weighted)
                     -  Frequency Stability: 0.005%

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